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February 10, 2016

| Sheila G Dickson



You know the saying you are a product of what you eat?  Well, as importantly, you are a product of what you think and do.  


Where do you wish to be in 3 days, a week a month or a year.  When making a wish and putting a great deal of effort into your manifestation, think about what you really want.


Be as specific as you can, as the clearer your statement is, the quicker your wish will materialise.   




February 3, 2016

| Sheila G Dickson

Be all you can be - let the world see the true you, shine a little brighter today and see what can change.


- Sheila Gordon Dickson




January 27, 2016

| Sheila G Dickson

Where there is light there is no darkness.

— Sheila Gordon Dickson




Sometimes in our life we find we are fearful of that which  we do not understand. Fear is an emotion, an attitude and can be changed.  


Visualise a beautiful, bright, sunny, cascading waterfall, that is transmuting pure white energetic light. 


Close your eyes and be transported to this safe harmonising space that has been created for you, by you, and breathe, deep healing breaths.


Feel your shoulders drop and your mind relax.



January 20, 2016

| Sheila G Dickson

In the calmest seas there is unseen turbulence.

— Sheila Gordon Dickson




Are you coping with life rather than loving and living it to it's full potential? If so it's time to look inside.


You may appear to be calm and collected on the outside but there is another story going on below the surface.


You will recognize this when you get angry at the smallest of things and yet have been taking on the big boys like they were feathers.


Ask yourself what is really going on in the depths of you?





January 13, 2016

| Sheila G Dickson

We are many aspects of ourselves when we are being a daughter, son, a wife a mother, a sibling a friend, sometimes we are all of these at once, and it can be overwhelming. 


What hat are you wearing with comfort today?


 - Sheila 




January 6, 2016

| Sheila G Dickson



Sit in a quite place where you can relax uninterrupted for about 5 minutes.

Take three deep breaths, in and out in your own time.


Close your eyes and let your body relax, lower your shoulders, relax your neck by letting it drop forward slightly, relax your forehead and let your mouth open slightly.


Imagine you are sitting on a large cozy blanket rug which is soft and inviting and you are resting peacefully against a large oak tree, above you is the most perfect blue sky without a cloud to be seen and in front of you is th...

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