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Sheila Gordon Dickson was born in the United Kingdom and has lived in Paris, Australia, Tokyo and Singapore.  


She is a mother of four adult children and has been married happily for a few decades!


On her life's journey, she has learnt many different modalities some are: Jin Shin Jyutsu, Emotional Freedom Technique & Soul Realignment all of  which she uses in her daily life, helping herself, her family, friends and clients move forward in a positive direction towards a sustainable future.


Sheila is a Life Coach, Holistic Healer, an Inspirational Guide, Advanced Soul Realignment Practitioner, Writer and an Intuitive.  Using a blend of all of these wonderful tools, she has created a truly unique platform as an Effective Communications Coach.

Testimonials for Positive Parents Guide

Wise Practical Guide

"New Beginnings for New Mums" is a must read for new parents.  I've been blessed to have Sheila and her children in my life for over 16 years.  As well as being a tremendous parent, a grounded relatable teacher and wise practical guide, Sheila also happens to be one of my favourite people on the planet". 

-Rebeccas Campbell, bestselling author of Light is The Black (Hay House)


Responsive not Reactive 

"I was fortunate to be entrusted to care for Sheila’s family as their physician when her four children were growing up. During my interaction with them, I was often impressed by how calm she was with her two young sons and two teenage daughters. Moreover, her husband had to travel frequently for his work and she had to multitask in running the household and be there for all her children‘s needs.

I once asked her how she remained so calm all the time and if she ever was angry with her children. She said she was but cited an example of how she managed, by taking herself away from the child that was causing her stress: on one occasion she even locked herself in the bathroom.


This touched me greatly and I shared this story with many of my patients who were young parents at that time. I learned about being responsive rather than being reactive in parenting, which can be applied to many aspects of life."

Dr Georgia Lee Medican Direction of TLC Lifestyle Practice Singapore


Affirming and Effective 

“As someone who has taught Sheila's boys, her empathy and openness to feedback on her children ensured the teacher/parent relationship was affirming and effective. Sheila has always been generous and sincere towards my family and I have admired the relationship she has fostered within her own family unit, aspiring to replicate the same with my own.


Sheila's positive attitude, belief in her children and supportive nature was always evident and continues to be reflected through the impressive young adults she and her husband have raised. Sheila always provided time to support her children's learning, wanting the best for them, working closely with myself and the school to achieve that. She has remained proactive at maintaining a connection with her children's teachers beyond the classroom.”

Jennifer Kennedy

Primary School Teacher at The Australian International School of Singapore

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