Intuitive Guidance

Selection of Intuitive Readings


Here is a list of the different readings that I offer below together with the individual costing for each.  If you would like to do more than one of these life changing sessions I can put an individual package together for you, just ask.


1. Quickie Basic Reading

This insightful reading  gives you information about who you are at the core of your being highlighting what traits you bring into your life.  I love this quick reading as it shows you where your greatest talents lie and how to create balance in your life.  This is especially beneficial for mums who would like to understand their children better.  



2. Complete Soul Realignment Blueprint 

This is the greatest gift you can give yourself or loved one.  As it  clears up blocks and restrictions that you may be unaware of that are holding you back in your life.  This reading is packed with information all about the true nature of your Soul and is without doubt the most profound reading you will ever have as it is showing you who you are at the deepest and eternal level of yourself, your Soul.



3. Property Clearing - (Ghost Busters)

If you have ever experienced a feeling of disharmony in your home, there could well be a reason for it.  Property clearing is amazing for shifting any stagnant energy that is residing where you live or work, I like to call it an Energetic Spring Clean. It is a fantastic clearing when you move into your new home, workplace or when you want to sell your current property.  You will instantly feel the shift.


4. Health & Wealth & Emotional Well Being Clearing

This is for people who generally  just don't feel well, find it difficult to get ahead financially or feel emotionally stuck.  These blockages show up when our physical life experiences doesn't  match our Soul's Blueprint.  



5. Chakra System

If you are feeling stuck in life and need to understand where you can make changes this is the session for you.  I  measure the percentage of activity for each chakra at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual showing you clearly where you changes can be made to enable your to move forward with your life.  Amazing when combined with Soul Realignment for a total clearing.



6. Life Situation Reading

This helps resolve specific issues currently affecting your life, by exposing the toughest, most obvious layer of blocks and restrictions.  Measuring your conscious awareness in third, fourth and fifth-dimensional levels in this current lifetime and is done at a later time to the first clearing as you will only be given as much information as you can handle in the initial clearing.  



7. Genetic Karma and Ancestral Clearing

Assists in the physical healing of the body, mind and spirit through accessing your energetic frequencies that are attracting these experiences.  The root of which could lie many generations back and are carried through our physical DNA.  Wonderful for clearing baggage that we don’t feel is ours.



8. Relationship Session

Our relationships play a major role in our life and this session shows a great deal of perspective on how a relationship contributes to our Soul's experience. Investigating specifically what energetic blocks and restrictions may be negatively affecting you in areas of relationships.  This reading can be done for all relationships, romantic, parent/child, siblings, business partners and close friends.


9. Future Reading

This is reading helps you manifest your desired future, yes its possible! Manifesting is a great buzz word at the moment, however, you have to know how to manifest to enable you to achieve what you want in life.  This is a great reading as it shows when and if you will be able to achieve this goal and how long given your current circumstances it will take to start showing up in your life. This is gives you greater understanding on how to make changes today to allow your future to expand in the direction of your dream.

AUD $498

10. Spirit Guide Profile Reading

The Spirit Guides that are assigned to you are currently for this lifetime are divided into two groups, the Inner Circle and the Outer Circle.  We work with your Inner Circle of Guides, which is your very own personal Spirit Guide team, they know nothing about anyone else's life, they are assigned to you only and operate solely based on your intentions for your life.

This reading gives insight into all your Inner Circle Guides, who they are at Soul level through their Soul group, Soul vibration, Energy centers of training, their appearance, specific role on the team, name, impulse (how they get your attention) and any personal messages.


11. Work With Me

This is the game changer and awesome value for Souls who wish to work with me over a 6 week period where we ‘check in’ once a week on Skype or FaceTime to work on your next step.  This will give you clear insight into your daily life and enable you to plan and work towards your own self-expression. We will uncover your best attributes through discovery and action, allowing you to find your true path and purpose. Includes Soul Realignment, Property Realignment and Relationship Reading.


12. Business Realignment

This is a complete look into a business from an entrepreneurial perspective, the energy anatomy of a business, how to effectively "diagnose" a business for blocks to financial abundance, and how to look at every aspect of a business, from marketing to sales to products and services to the people involved, in order to effectively realign the business to create financial flow. Starting from AUD$1998

I look forward to hearing from you to help you on the next step of your amazing life journey.