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  • Sheila G Dickson

Focus on Your Goals

Where Are You Heading?

I am sure there any many times in your life where you have watched a plane moving in the sky?

I watched one this morning and for those few seconds as I watched it gracefully and quietly fly in a very straight line, I realised that it could be a metaphor of life.

The plane knows exactly where it is going; it has a very clear path as it takes off from one part of the world and lands in another.

Hold Steady

It doesn’t waver, it doesn’t re think its tracks, and it knows exactly where it is going. The coordination’s have already been pre-programmed as it leaves one destination and many hours later will arrive in another.

If the plane did move off its pre-programmed course, then it would land in a completely different part of the world, as its chosen path had been changed.

So, if you are finding it difficult to focus on your goals or outcomes at this moment in time, then maybe try this little technique.

You are in Charge

Visualise yourself as the pilot of your very own plane. You have already worked out the direction of where you are heading, you have a clear straight line ahead of you and there are no kinks. There may be a little turbulence on your journey, but they do not change the direction of your chosen destination.

You have all the options available to you, so if you want to change something in your life, then visualise yourself moving in a constant stream, without faltering, towards a new beginning.

So Many Pretty Clouds

Your plane knows exactly where it is going, you have already set its course and any obstacles that may come in to view, you acknowledge them, deal with them and continue to fly past them as if they were clouds. As you continue on your journey you will see that these clouds change colour, shape and light, because like us, clouds are constantly changing.

You Have The Pilots Seat

So hop in your own plane with the direction you know you want to go in and you in no time you will arrive there safe, secure and happy.

This doesn’t have to be your final destination, but just the beginning of many plane rides where you have a steadfast direction of where you are going and what you would like to find at the end of your very own personal flight path.

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