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Is there any significance in the date 02/02/2020?

Well, for a start the last palindrome was in 11/11/1111 909 years ago, so it is a rare occasion and one that does have significance. A palindrome, is from the Greek work ‘palin’ meaning ‘again or back’, and is a word, a phrase or a sequence of numbers that will be the same when you read it forward or backward. Here are some:

· 02022020

· Mum

· Dad

· Race car

· Was it a cat I saw?

· Rats live on no evil star

With the love of numbers that I have the number 2 is related to balance, harmony and love. It is also about creating partnership and nurturing all relationships allowing us all to receive.

In Tarot the number 2 symbolises the High Priestess who not only represents the nurturing feminine she also represents intuition and inspiration.

So yet another wonderful time to help you move forward in all your relationships, with the wisdom and vision of the 2’s.

Wishing you a fabulous February.

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