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Welcome back to the Year of the Rat!

Those born under this sign are resourceful, enjoy being ahead of the action, busy, clever, kind, insightful, love a challenge and always manage to be able to find what they want (very clever).

In case you didn’t know The Chinese Horoscope runs on a twelve years cycle for example, if you were born in 1960 (a rat year) 12 years later in 1972 when you were 12 you would be in a rat year again, 24 in 1984, 36 in 1996 and so on.

You can work out your year easily below and see what this year has in store for you. Depending on when the first new moon falls each year, will determine which sign you are under if you are born in either January or February, so just double check.

Pig 1983 –Look after yourself and be open to change

Rat 1984 – Stop worrying and be happy

Ox 1985 – Relax, be happy and be lucky

Tiger 1986 – Success luck and ability to create

Rabbit 1987 – Abundance & good fortune

Dragon 1988 – Luck & originality especially around money

Snake 1989 – Life changing & understanding your destiny

Horse 1990 – A year of new choices

Goat 1991 – All good things for you & a sprinkling of travel

Monkey 1992 – A divinely peaceful year for you

Rooster 1993 – A good year if you put others first

Dog 1994 – Being patient & tenacious will bring good luck

Here’s to a wonderful year of the rat wishing you good health, a positive outlook, happiness and prosperity!

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