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Making Change Real

What an exciting time we have happening right now with the merging of 4 planets in Capricorn. The alignment of Pluto, Saturn, Sun and Mercury (which has not happened in over 500 years), has a huge impact on all of us especially, at the beginning of our 4 Universal Year (20+20=40=4)

There are so many significances about the number 4:

· 4 seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

· 4 directions, North, South, East and West

· 4 points of the cross X meaning transformation or ‘crossing over’

· 4 is seeing with total clarity (20/20 vision)

· 4th letter in the alphabet is D which is delta in the Nato phonetic alphabet and delta means change

· 4 is the bridge between the spiritual and material bringing the mind-body-spirit connection to the physical world

So being in a Universal 4 year can really help you rebuild your own world based on truth and joy, letting go of things that no longer serve you.

It is a time to understand what you want in your life making this the perfect time to start manifesting those changes.

It is the year of new vision (20/20) allowing you to see where you have been, and see where you want to go.

With Saturn, conjunct (joining) Pluto, this can bring in a time of restrictions and limitations or a time for inner transformation.

· Saturn helps you to create new boundaries

· Pluto helps you to empower these new boundaries

So now really is the perfect time to look at your habits, make new choices, create new actions, which will ultimately create changes. Let me know if I can help.

Hope you have an amazing month filled with clarity.

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