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 We are all facing a massive adjustment around the globe at the moment, with the uncertainty of the how long this will last and the truth about how this became a world wide pandemic so quickly.  

I see this as a time of acceptance of that which we cannot control, a time of a world wide awareness of things that are truly important to us all, and a time of finding inner and outer harmony which will create new balance.  

Sooooooo now that you have all this extra time up your sleeve, maybe this is a time to refocus and change what you can take control off. Apart from following all the guidelines in place for our safety, what else can you do when, there is nowhere to go, no-one to see and nothing to do?

 Well, this could be the ideal time to:-

• Start that project that you’ve been meaning to do for ages • Finish that scrap booking that you started when it was all the trend a decade ago :) • Bring out all those half finished projects and finish them - woo hoo! • Clean out that cupboard that you've been meaning to do forever • Enjoy the time to cook those special meals that generally take too long • Do some DIY round your home • Teach yourself a new skill - there are so many online courses to do • Get crafty with painting, sewing or knitting • Bring out that 5,000 piece puzzle you've never had time to do • Reflect on your wonderful life and all those you love • Write your memoirs or that book we all have in us :) • Email, phone or FaceTime people you haven’t been able to see and reconnect • Start that new exercise regime you’ve been thinking about doing for a while • Follow a healthy eating plan as let's be honest, there are no events coming up that will sabotage your efforts in the next month or so! • Get out in nature whenever you can, breath in the air, admire the trees and be grateful for all that you currently have in your life. So you see the list is endless of what you can do, because for the first time in a long time you have time, you just need to refocus your thoughts and smile, because like most things in life, this too will pass. If I can help you in anyway during this time I am just a phone call or an email away. Stay safe, healthy and take loads of care.

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