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Happy New Year!

New Years Resolutions

New Years Eve was uncharacteristically quiet for us, we went out for a couple of drinks and then dinner before visiting some lovely friends. My husband brought up New Years Resolutions and of course everyone had a couple of ideas in mind.

Today's the Start of the 'new me'

Often we rush in with these amazing plans on how we are going to shape our New Year, plan to start on the 1st January and stick to it this time!

  • joining a gym

  • dieting

  • detoxing

  • giving up smoking

  • alcohol free month

  • doing more outdoor activities

  • making healthier choices

  • spending more time with people we love

All of which are great ideas, however, realistically, are they really going to start on the 1st January when we are all still very much in 'festive mode'?

  • tempting food in the fridge that needs to be eaten!

  • friends and family events planned

  • time poor

Creating Sustainability

So instead of starting the 2020 with the possibility of being unable to follow your carefully planned changes, make this year different by finding a time in the month that would work better for you......

  • all temptations have been consumed

  • socialising is slowing down

  • finding more time to do things you want

  • deciding on a day later in the month that you can start or even stretch it out until the beginning of February, remember you are in charge!

On that note, I will be starting my New Years Resolutions on the 6th January which works best for me.

Wishing you a wonderful healthy start to the year and let me know if you need any help to create the changes you want to make and sustain in 2020!

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