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  • Sheila G Dickson

I'm The One That I want

I’m the one that I want

Have you lost your direction? Maybe you have forgotten that you came into this world as an exceptional individual with your own DNA, fingerprints, and distinctive voice. Remember, you are one of a kind, there is no one in the world quite like you, and you are complete just as you are right now.

Same Same, not different

Imagine if each sunset was the same every single evening no matter where in the world you saw it set, if every tree and every flower were all identical. There would be no individuality or pleasure from one of the most important thing, uniqueness of life.

If you find you are constantly judging yourself and comparing yourself to others, then you are not seeing the real you, comparison is a total disservice.

You may not like everything about yourself, however, there is a difference with not liking everything about yourself and constantly looking for fault or comparison.

Mirror Mirror

You are exactly who you are supposed to be, maybe you just haven’t looked at yourself properly, or haven’t realized that you are so much more than you may think you are.

Everyone is on their own unique journey, and if you spend too much time comparing yourself with others you will miss out on your own life.

Wakeup Sunshine

If you find that you are never satisfied with who you are or what you have in your life, then its time to wakeup sunshine.

No one is perfect and so to strive for this is just a hard and constant battle with-in and out-with yourself.

So Try This

Write a list of the things that you do like about yourself and bring them into your daily life more and more. You will then start to find that you are less likely to compare yourself with others because you will see more of your own distinctiveness shinning through every day. Know that you are the best representation of yourself right now. Enjoy being you, just as you are.

Be all you can be.

- Sheila

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