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  • Sheila G Dickson

Feel The Earth Move

Want to feel totally present in a couple of minutes? Read below...

Feel the surface below your feet

If you are so busy getting on with life and seem to be all in your head, and getting frustrated at the slightest little thing then its time to get back down to basics, your feet. Yes, your little tootsies, they support you all day long and yet I bet you hardly think about them, so today try this.


Find yourself a quiet few minutes, take off your shoes and socks, and place your feet flat on the floor. Move your toes back and forward. What are your feet resting on? Push your toes to the sky as the middle of your foot moves towards the surface, how does it feel?


What is the surface below your feet, is it tiles, carpet, rug, grass, sand, water what is the texture? Focus on that sensation for a few moments. Is it warm or cool, dry or damp? Let your senses really feel the texture.

Be Present

Congratulations, you are in the present. You are in the moment and it only took a few minutes to get yourself away from your head and into your feet and being in the here and now.


Anytime you need to be in the moment, this is the quick fix to bring you back to yourself, and that is always a wonderful place to be. Enjoying grounding yourself in the present.


Now that you are here, take a few deep breaths, all the way down to those little toes. Breath in raise your toes to the sky, breath out lower them to the earth, relax your shoulders and enjoy a few moments of connection, peace and relaxation. Now go and get on with your day, remember to put your shoes and socks back on.

Come back again

You will feel the benefits immediately and now you know you can do this anytime you need a quick moment of connection. Have an awesome day.

- Sheila

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